Flexible lead spring and Connection Piece for M5 fishtape


Practical, highly flexible Ideaal Probe Spring with connection piece for Ideaal M5 fishtape. Facilitates feeding the fishtape into (difficult) pipes. The M5 Draw Spring can be extended with other Ideaal M5 fishtape using an M5 connection piece. The Ideaal M5 fishtape can also be used for the well-known Ideaal Cable Grips.

Art. nr. Description EAN code  
98100 Detachable M5 screw head with groove (reserve) 8715089 981004
98110 Ideaal M5 Flexible lead spring  8mm 8715089 981103
98111 Ideaal M5 Flexible lead spring 10mm 8715089 981110
98112 Ideaal M5 Flexible lead spring 13mm 8715089 981127
98120 Ideaal M5 Connection Piece (to connect 2 M5 fishtapes) 8715089 981202

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